Anti-counterfeiting Business

Sinopharm Tech is committed to bringing different innovative solutions to the industry, from lottery systems, interactive marketing of “Internet Plus”, to the latest anti-counterfeiting solutions. Sinopharm Tech leverages our experience in lottery industry, “Internet Plus” technology and interactive marketing to support the rapid expansion of Guoke Anti-counterfeiting Innovative Products in multi-industry and multi-region application.

Each anti-counterfeiting lottery device comprises a physical lottery ticket and an embedded QR code. It also forms part of the packaging of products such as tobacco, medicine and alcoholic beverages and allows the consumers to continue to access an on-line authenticity platform integrated with real-time authenticity verification, lottery ticket redemption and interactive marketing features. Sinopharm Tech cooperates with a number of enterprises with famous and high-quality products on the application of Guoke Anti-counterfeiting Innovative Products.

“Internet Plus" Business

The “Internet Plus” solution is originated from our proprietary core technology – interactive marketing solution, which has received a gold medal award from International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and a special prize gold award from Association “Russian House for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation” in 2016. In 2017, a health management interactive marketing solution named “Health Management Cloud Platform” has been developed and has received a silver medal award from International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and an award from Scientific Community of Romania. Sinopharm Tech is committed to build the customer-friendly technology platforms with information collection and big data analysis capability to achieve an efficient cycle of technology development, application and commercial revenue.

Lottery Business

Sinopharm Tech has been engaged in the lottery business in China since around 2005. We were the first proprietary real time lottery transaction system developer in China. The main cooperation partners include China Sports Lottery Management Center ("Sports Lottery Center") and China Welfare Lottery Issuance Management Center ("Welfare Lottery Center"). The business has also evolved from lottery transaction system and lottery POS terminals development to marketing, and operation management. The experience gained from lottery business effectively supports the development of our rising anti-counterfeiting business. An innovative integration of lottery tickets and anti-counterfeiting solutions expands the application fields for lottery business, adding value to our businesses.

Personal Protection Equipment Business

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Sinopharm Tech has formulated a highly efficient and stable production chain within one year, and quickly established a personal productive equipment business unit from scratch. The sales went well with the products being sold to government departments, and other official institutions, as well as the local retail civilian and medical markets. Sinopharm Tech has successfully grasped the market opportunity of personal protective equipment, and overcame the difficult times with Hong Kong society.